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136 inches


69 inches

Weight ca.

12 lbs+


RG 15


10cc (.6) and up

The Vivat is very obviously a further development of the famous Let Blanik L13 two-seater training glider, of which about 3000 havebeen built. The Vivat however has its seats side by side, whilst the Blanik has tandem seats.The Vivat, like the Blanik, is an all metal construction. The Vivat is a powered sailplane, with two motor variations, developed using the Blanik as its basis.

Manufactured as a full fiberglass(FG) model, it is available with either a white or silver finish.  The prominent panel lines and the club-like wingtips add to the aircraft's striking appearance.All mounting points and seats from the fuselage/wing joiner to the horizontal tailplane seat are factory prepared.  With this model, you receive a motor sailplane with self-launching capabilities, good thermal and mild aerobatic flight characteristics.Kit Information: White or silver finished full fiberglass  construction - Double-leaf spoilers - Club-shaped wingtips - fiberglass canopy frame- Wing joiner saddle and horizontal tailplane seat precisely pre-fabricated and fitted - Wings compatible with the Blanik- fiberglass  main gear and wheel spats.


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